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Asia Public Governance Forum

Public communication trends after COVID-19

2022-09-26  - 2022-09-27  (OECD HQ)


The Public Governance Programme of the KPC and the OIG Division of the GOV Directorate OECD’s collaborative working paper, “Public communication trends after COVID-19,” was published and introduced during the OECD Conference on Effective Public Communication: Better Connecting with Citizens, held on 26-27 of September at the OECD HQ.


The research project started in late 2020 to delve into public communication trends and lessons responding to the COVID-19 pandemic from four countries in Southeast Asia(Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore). During the publication launching session, representatives from the OECD member and non-member countries reflected on their own experiences and discussed ways to move forward to make pubic communication more inclusive, open, and compelling in the future.