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OECD Network on Open and Innovative Government in Southeast Asia 2022 2024.01.10 오전 9:07:47Admin

Measuring the maturity of open, digital and innovative governments in Southeast Asia to increase public trust


The OECD Network on Open and Innovative Government in Southeast Asia (NOIG SEA) is a key initiative of the OECD to facilitate knowledge-sharing among Southeast Asian countries, the OECD and its member countries and key partners on cross-cutting opportunities, challenges and priorities in the areas of open government, digital government and public sector innovation for securing a resilient future for the region.

This work can be placed within the large context of the recently concluded OECD-ASEAN Memorandum of Understanding, particularly in the area of co-operation on good public governance.

The 6th NOIG SEA meeting was held back-to-back with the 10th ASEAN International Conference, which was co-organised with the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission in Thailand. The meeting provided an opportunity for delegates from ASEAN Member States to actively exchange about their work and priorities undertaken in line with advancing their governments’ maturity on the open, digital and innovative agenda under the following themes:


  • Government at a Glance: Southeast Asia
  • Moving towards Digital and Data Maturity in the Public Sector: The OECD Digital Government and OURdata (Open, Useful and Re-usable data) Indices
  • Advancing towards Open States: The OECD Open Government Dashboard
  • Public Sector Innovation: Measuring Innovation Capacity, Drivers and Blockers


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